Vaginal Dilator

Vaginal Dilator

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Vaginal Dilator

Why are they recommended?

The Vaginal Dilator is prescribed for those women whose vagina is too small or short to allow normal sexual intercourse due to a number of issues from malformations of the vaginal canal at birth, obstructions due to scaring after episiotomies or vaginal operations.

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The vaginal dilator range that we supply here at Digitimer, are produced using flexible silicone, to provide a soft and easy fit. Like silicone pessaries, our range of silicone dilators are elastic and can thus be inserted without causing any pain to the patient.

These particular vaginal dilators are manufactured to the highest medical standards and ensure that the vaginal dilation process is as comfortable as possible.

Vaginal Dilator – Sizes

The following sizes are available;

  • Extra Small: 21mm diameter,124mm length
  • Small: 26mm diameter, 127mm length
  • Medium: 30mm diameter, 112mm length
  • Long: 37mm diameter, 137mm length

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Vaginal Dilator

Extra Small, Large, Medium, Small