Micropipette & Microelectrode Pullers

Micropipette & Microelectrode Pullers



We have a range of Micropipette & Microelectrode Pullers to suit various applications. All our microelectrode pullers produce pipettes using two pulling stages and as a result they are easy to setup and operate.

Narishige PC-100 Micropipette/Microelectrode Puller
Like the obsolete PC-10 puller, the PC-100 pipette puller features an automatic stopper control which makes two stage pulls simpler to operate without user intervention. Similar in application and specifications to the PC-10 patch pipette puller, the PC-100 is simple and easy to use and set-up is easier than ever. It features a digital display which clearly shows status and setting; the heating value can be adjusted as required, even after the needle is placed in the heater coil; the acrylic cover closes securely; the elapsed time (from the “START” to end.) is displayed; the slider unit is protected from dust and debris.

Narishige PE-22 Micropipette/Microelectrode Puller
An improved version of the PE-2 and PE-21 sharp microelectrode pullers, the PE-22 is designed to produce sharp microelectrodes required for measuring the electrical potential of cells in biological experiments. It is a fully automatic, vertical type instrument suitable for pulling thick and thin glass tubes (1mm-4mm) and ideal for producing long and comparatively solid electrodes required for deep penetration. PE-22 is also capable of producing multi-barrel electrodes.