Narishige IM 9B Injector

Narishige IM 9B Injector


  • Movement range Plunger 53mm.
  • Full rotation of knob 500µm.
  • Control capacity Full volumes 1,060µl.
  • Dimensions/Weight W175 ~ 228 × D55 × H77mm, 650g.
  • Tube length 1m.



A new mechanism is incorporated into the Narishige IM 9B Injector which improves the parallelism of the plunger within the syringe and prevents the development of any play. Reducing fluctuations of the handle tension, which have many possible causes, makes control much smoother. The new mechanism and drive sections are built into the handle, while the handle itself is made larger: however, the overall design is smaller, and operability is improved, with a higher driving volume facilitating a greater control volume. The Narishige IM 9B Injector uses a glass luer-lock syringe. A highly durable and precisely machined metal syringe is also equipped, so feel free to select the syringe you like best. The specification of this model allows precise control of both injection and aspiration: we recommend its use on the injection side after it has been filled with oil.