NL104A AC Pre Amplifier

NL104A AC Pre Amplifier

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The NL104A AC Pre Amplifier from Digitimer is a low noise AC coupled differential amplifier (Extracellular Amplifier) from our Amplifier Module range.

It can be used alone for making in vitro or in vivo recordings from low resistance electrodes or with the NL100AK head stage (or NL100AKS & NL100C) for extracellular microelectrode recording. The NL104A AC Preamplifier has a facility to restrict the high-frequency response (a jumper on the printed circuit board, with -3dB limits indicated) eradicating the necessity for consequent filtering in some applications.

It can be operated in single-sided (inverting or non-inverting) or differential modes has a wide dynamic balance adjustment for asymmetrical inputs. This is useful for balancing out interference and short artefacts, a choice of two input time constants and eight gains.

Reach out to our experienced team if you would like to discuss the NL104A AC Preamplifier in more detail. Contact us by calling 01707 328347 or by emailing us at Our helpful staff will be able to share their expertise and to answer any questions you have regarding Digitimer products such as the NL104A.

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NL104A AC Pre Amplifier