D360R 4 Channel Isolated Research Amplifier/Filter

D360R 4 Channel Isolated Research Amplifier/Filter

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  • Research alternative to the 8 channel D360 amplifier.
  • Four AC-coupled, differential amplifier channels.
  • High-pass, low-pass and notch filters.
  • Gain range of x100 to x3,000,000.
  • Windows PC control software (32/64bit compatible).



The new D360R 4 Channel Isolated Research Amplifier is intended for human electroencephalography (EEG), electromyography (EMG) or evoked potential (EP) studies in a research environment. Based on the design of our extremely popular 8 channel D360 amplifier, the D360R is a more compact, cost-effective, but highly specified 4 channel amplifier for human research applications.

The D360R 4 Channel Isolated Research Amplifier system comprises a main amplifier unit, a remote pre-amplifier headstage with 8 pairs of differential inputs (plus Common) and dedicated Windows-compatible control software. The control software provides a virtual front panel for the adjustment of settings, including low-pass and high-pass filters as well as amplifier gain. The D360R features a remote pre-amplifier headstage which includes four pairs of differential electrode inputs a Common (Ground) electrode input and a De-block button. The pre-amplifier headstage is attached to the main amplifier via a fully detachable cable, which is easily replaced if it becomes damaged during use.

The D360 system provides software and hardware de-block capabilities which can be useful to settle the amplifier inputs following electrode placement or re-positioning. A TTL controlled de-block feature allows a precisely timed external de-block to be applied during TMS stimulation in order to facilitate rapid recovery from large magnetic stimulation artifacts.

Analogue signal outputs mean that the D360 is compatible with a vast array of commercially available data acquisition systems. As a result, the user can opt to use their favoured data acquisition and analysis software. Signal outputs are available on the rear panel and consist of a 9-way “D” connector. The D360R 4 Channel Isolated Research Amplifier is supplied with a “D” to multi-BNC cable for connection to BNC-based data acquisition systems.
Multiple D360R systems can be connected to a single computer (via several USB sockets or hub) to allow multiples of 4 channels to be controlled through a single software interface.

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D360R Product Information

D360R Control Software





  • Operator’s manual
  • D360R Control Software (on USB drive)
  • D-USBF – USB cable
  • D360R-OL – Signal output lead (4 channel)
  • Mains (power) lead


  • Electrodes and accessories